Building Community

At The Well we want people to encounter Jesus through the building of our community, and as disciples we have been instructed to love one another .

Our community is unique in that we speak 6 languages , have people from 7 ethnic groups and have classes/translation in Spanish.

We have a community taco lunch the 1st Sunday of every month – your first time is free!

We celebrate together the Passover with a Seder Meal in the spring and the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall.

We’ve also adopted an old Celtic philosphy from the 5th century developed by Patrick, the Archbishop of Ireland.  The idea is that as a people, we should make outsiders feel like they belong first, then ask them to believe, then ask them to behave.  We strive to do just that at The Well, opening ourselves to those that may not believe exactly the same as us, or may not behave the way we want, but we want them to feel first that they can belong to our community.

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